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We are delighted to continue to present our well-advanced DRONE HEROES comic series to you! The DRONE HEROES are a creation of the DRONE PROCESS drone pilot training center.

You might be wondering what the connection is between drone pilot training and comics? There isn't really one! We use this art to communicate about good drone piloting practices in a different and fun way.

And that's not all. We decided to push our concept by developing a real story, told through several already published comics, which allows you to follow the adventures of our heroes. The design and scenarios are the work of Bastien ALORENT and the drawings are signed Julien BOURRELLY.

Don't hesitate to give us your feedback and suggestions, we are open to them and it's always a good thing to share a common passion. Because yes, at Drone Process we may come from the aeronautics professions, but above all, we are geeks passionate about superheroes! Enjoy reading!

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But why create a universe based on superheroes?

Ah, that question, we get asked it sometimes... Simply to offer you a different experience that deals with drone training! At Drone Process, we love creativity and so we decided to embark on an artistic project that combines the world of superheroes (which we are fans of!) with another world that is at the heart of our business, of course, it's the drone.

This DRONE HEROES project addresses drone training and drone careers in a less institutional and more offbeat way. In addition to finding all the information about our drone training courses, we also decided to push the experience further by creating a whole universe around the DRONE HEROES!

The first aspect is the creation of comics that transport you into the adventures of the Drone Heroes, you know, like the comic books we used to read when we were younger, or not! It's an original creation 100% Drone Process with Bastien taking care of the scenarios and Julien being the illustrator.

In addition to these adventure-oriented comics, we are in the process of creating educational comics that will allow you to see or review good drone piloting practices in a more fun way.

In short, the DRONE HEROES is none other than DRONE PROCESS in a superhero of the drone flavor!

We hope you'll enjoy the experience, and don't hesitate to give us your feedback, enjoy your visit and see you soon!

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Drone Process is delighted to introduce you to the Drone Heroes, our team of superhero drone pilots. We have a passion for technology and specialize in the use of drones for various missions, from building inspection to aerial photography. Our drones are among the most modern and efficient, and our pilots are some of the most skilled and experienced in the galaxy.

The most interesting part is that by clicking on the link below, you can discover in detail each character that makes up the DRONE HEROES! You can learn more about their qualities, their powers, and their fascinating stories. And every new character who joins the team will be presented in this same section. So, don't wait any longer, and immerse yourself in the universe of our heroes!

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Tu souhaites devenir pilote drone et obtenir les mêmes compétences que les Drone Heroes ? Tu es débutant et tu te pose la question de comment devenir un pilote de drone digne de ce nom ?


Tu veux te former au télépilotage de drone professionnel afin de travailler avec un drone efficacement et en toute légalité en agglomération, sur l'espace public et en zone rouge ?


THE TEAM DRONE HEROES by drone process

Dear visitor, we invite you to get in touch with the superheroes of the skies, the DRONE HEROES! Do not hesitate to share your thoughts, your comments, or even your ideas for their future adventures. They are eager to hear your suggestions, so send your message today!

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