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Deepee drone heroes, drone process


DeePee is a robot that came to life thanks to the skills of Ryan Bardley, alias Captain Eagle.

He is a small robot whose primary mission is to assist the DRONE HEROES. He takes care of administrative management and the construction of training files.

DeePee is very valuable to the Drone Process training center, and his presence has allowed the trainers to focus on the practical part and the training of pilots.

Thanks to his artificial intelligence, DeePee can easily help manage registrations and the construction of training files for each intern. He also provides valuable advice.

Thanks to DeePee, trainees can rest assured that their training files will be taken care of, and they will have access to the best drone training opportunities.

DeePee offers a fast and reliable service for trainees, allowing them to focus on what matters most, namely their training and their future. Guidance holds no secrets for him, don't hesitate to ask him all your questions!


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