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His powers: Ability to perform precise and real-time analysis of soils and crops. This allows him to monitor the environment and detect environmental problems such as pollution, drought, or erosion, and monitor crops in real time to detect problems such as deficiency or malnutrition before they become too serious.

In addition, Soil-Bot can also perform tests to detect pests and diseases that could harm crops. Finally, Soil-Bot can help farmers plan their crops and predict their yields, all based on very accurate and real-time data.

His story: Soil-Bot comes from the planet Albonia. Initially, he was a young farmer who had inherited his ancestors' lands. During a harvest, he was injured and lost the use of his limbs. An eternal optimist, he set out to design a suit that would allow him to return to cultivate his lands. After several centuries of research (time flies very fast on Albonia), he realized his dream. He developed a suit that allowed him to regain the use of his limbs and took the opportunity to add some special features that he keeps a secret. Today, he is a drone pilot who assists farmers. He monitors their crops and plans their harvests.

Thanks to Soil-Bot, farmers have been able to produce more and feed the entire population. No more famine!

Today, he shares his knowledge with Elie from Drone Process


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