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Her powers: Ludy Woman can control drones with her thoughts. Being playful and a bit teasing, she likes to enjoy the moment and admire different landscapes through her drone's sensors.


Her story: Ludy Woman comes from Earth. She is a young woman who has always wanted to work in drone-related professions. Although she didn't have much experience in the field, she is passionate and motivated. One day, she heard about a company* that was looking for drone pilots. She signed up and was selected for training. Her training included lessons on drone technology, as well as piloting tests. She learned quickly and, in no time, she was ready to pilot a drone. However, she was stunned when the company asked her to pilot the drone using her thoughts. Always up for a new challenge, she accepted the challenge and joined the team.

Today, she offers her services at Drone Process for open category A1/A3 training.

*the company is Drone Process, of course.


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