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His powers: He has the power to control time and space with these drones. He can control their speeds, shooting angles, and positioning in space to capture exceptional images from various perspectives. He can also modify special effects and lights to create a unique environment for each shot.

His story: SkyWatcher was a 19-year-old young man living on the planet Vilamos. One day, while trying to retrieve his drone racer from an eagle's nest, he suddenly transformed into a bird of prey. He was passionate about photography and dreamed of being able to capture unique and spectacular landscapes.

Subsequently, and strengthened by his new powers, he decided to embark on the adventure and acquired several audiovisual drones. He began to learn how to control them and manipulate their settings. He quickly became an expert and discovered that he could do incredible things with his drones.

Today, he shares his knowledge with Julien, Gilles, and Louis from Drone Process.


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