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Her powers: Surveillance of places and people, detection and reporting of threats, and deployment of drones to secure and protect target areas.

Her story: Synthara comes from the planet Bagalia. She's a very talented drone pilot who has the ability to monitor places and people. She also has the power to detect and report any potential threats. Using cutting-edge technology, Synthara is able to deploy drones to secure and protect every corner of her planet.

In the beginning, Synthara was just a drone operator for a small company. However, she was quickly spotted and recruited by a military security company that gave her more significant and complex missions. One day, Synthara's city fell victim to a terrorist attack. The security forces were unable to contain the threat and asked for Synthara's help.

She accepted and got to work, deploying drones to secure and protect her city and its citizens. She used her skills and expertise to spot and report threats and also worked closely with the security forces.

Today, she shares her knowledge with Bastien, Bruno, and Christophe from Drone Process.


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